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Automotive Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions we hear at Jimyz Automotive. If you have questions, that you would like answered, simply ask them in the box on our Contact us page.

If we like your question, we’ll post it on our website. We will even throw in a gift card for your effort as well!
oil change intervals

Q. How often should I change my oil?

A: In general, I recommend replacing your engine oil every 3000 miles. Some people drive so many miles, they extend the oil life to 5000 miles. Some manufacturers recommend intervals in excess of 7500 miles, but I personally think that’s ridiculous. I recommend every 3000 miles and I practice what I preach.
how often to rotate tires
Q. How often should I rotate my tires?

A: I recommend rotating your tires every other oil change. If you are changing oil every 5000 miles or greater, then you should rotate them at every oil change interval. A general brake inspection should be included at no extra cost.

Q. My CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on, but my care seems fine. Do I need to worry about it?

A: Yes you do. There are hundreds of problems that could trigger that light. You may think the car is running ok, but you could possibly develop serious problems if you ignore it. And just so you know, we can “pull trouble codes” for free just like the guys at the local parts store, but you need a trained technician to decipher that information and repair the car properly.

Q: Your shop was recommended to me by a friend, but I cannot get there during your business hours, and you are not open on Saturday. I’d like to try you out, but getting there will be difficult. What are my options?

automotive tipsA: Your options are many. You can drop your car off before or after business hours. We have a night drop box right next to the front door with envelopes for your keys. The envelope can then be fed thru the front door. If you are going to pick your vehicle up after hours, we can take care of any charges over the phone. Then you can pick your car up at your convenience. We also have a free loaner van available to our customers. You are required to replenish the gas you use. Availability is on a first come, first served basis, so please call ahead for a reservation.






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